The Service is provided to authorised persons or organisations (referred to in this document as "Subscriber", "you", "your"). 
Any use of the service is subject to any restrictions listed below. By using the Service, you agree to be bound by all of theses Terms and Policies. 
If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms and Policies, you must cancel your account immediately and may not thereafter use or attempt to use the Service.

This TOS specifically relates to services provided by UTuneIn (referred by "We", "Us", and "Our"), 
and does not cover any other entity, thus meaning you are unable to claim fault of service due to a third-party.

If you are an individual Subscriber, these Terms and Policies apply to all persons who gain access through your account. 
If you are a commercial Subscriber, these Terms and Policies apply to all your employees, agents and/or customers. 
In either instance, a violation of these Terms and Policies by anyone using your account will be treated as a violation by you. 
The Terms of Service specifically relate to services provided by UTuneIn; external matters are not at the discretion of UTuneIn.

The Service is provided to you for as long as you wish to use it, however we withhold the right to terminate the service if you use it in a way that violates the terms of use.

UTuneIn reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate any service at any time if we see fit, or if you are found to be abusing these Terms.

We kindly remind you that swearing, or being abusive towards our staff is prohibited.

Prices and Charges
UTuneIn provides the use of Centova Cast and other control panels to you free of charge, 
but if through misuse or through abuse on your part we incur any charges, we reserve the right to pass these charges on to you.

UTuneIn only allow refunds within the 7 days from the date of payment which also applies to renewals.
Should the account show signs of non-usage past the 7 days refund period, we will refund the most recent payment and not furthur.
UTuneIn reserves the right to deny any client a refund if either these terms are violated or by our discretion. 
Should a chargeback or forced refund occur, any applicable fees will be passed onto you.
We reserve the right to terminate an account if such forced charge back or refund occurs.

Free/Trial Accounts
Any free account found inactive 7 days after your initial signup, can be terminated without prior notice. 
Any user found with more than one free account will have all accounts terminated. 
Users must upgrade to a paid plan if they want to have multiple accounts.

Account Information/Etiquette
You must have valid information when signing up.
No use of VPNs, Proxy's, or anonymizing methods may be used to hide your information or identity.
Any account found with potentially fake and/or fraudulent data risks termination without explanation or compensation.
Any account found with inconsistent or incorrect information will also be subject to termination without warning.

Account Hosted Data
All data maintained, streamed, or provided by you must be lawful and non-abusive.
You may not use our service as a data archiving service and must be files which are used as intended for radio hosting.
You are responsible to obtain any rights or licenses which you provide onto our service.
You are responsible to obtain any rights or licenses which are needed to broadcast or host on our service.
Should we receive any legal action against our platform due to your service not having the proper rights or licenses,
you shall accept and have all legal judgement passed onto you.
We have the right to terminate any account which we deem to actively wittness as potentially not having the proper licenses or rights.
You are responsible for maintaining your own backups of your data.
After suspension or termination data may be purged or deleted immediately.

Unlimited/Hosting Abuse/Hosting Changes
Unlimited bandwidth/traffic is supplied under a Fair Use Policy whereby your server can use as much bandwidth as required unless it affects 
the performance of other users on our server.
Unlimited bandwidth only refers to broadcasting of your stream.
FTP or other methods for people to access your hosting account will be monitored for abuse or high bandwidth.
If your server reaches a point where other customers are affected, we will discuss options with you including
switching your hosting account to a specialized server for which your account will not affect other customers (This may include potential IP/hostname changes).
If any abuse which is actively causing problems to other customers, we will contact the customer to 
discuss options (If nessassary suspension of account without termination will be used till resolved).
If we must change our server location which causes an IP/Hostname changes, we will provide up to 10-15 days notice to which you must update your links/streams.
If less then 15 days notice is provided for such IP/Hostname change, we will provide compensation credit upon request by support ticket.
Should a server be receiving DDoS attacks the server may be terminated if severe enough, or if available by us at the time switched over to a DDoS filtered IP
which may affect stream quality stability for your customers.
Unlimited Listeners will have a maximum listeners set to 100 - 999 depending on the server (Centova/Shoutcast has no method of unlimited), 
which may be requested by ticket to be raised when listener count is reached.

TOS Updates
We reserve to update the TOS at any time.
All changes by the TOS will be enforced onto your account at the beginning of your renewal payment.
Free, trial, or promotional accounts without renewal payments come into affect on the 1st of each month.
You are solely responsible for actively reviewing and accepting the TOS before the above comes into affect.

Last Updated - July 06, 2018